🎙️Announcing... !usual

🎙️Announcing... !usual

I was on a treadmill on one of the chilly and pleasant mornings of winter 2022. While there, I was listening to a podcast related to science and technology. The guest on the show was discussing various advancements in new programming languages. A few minutes into the discussion, there was a point that got me thinking - What would be the title of my show if I were to host one?

That moment began my journey of the "title" - for my imaginary show 😇. I wanted the title not to be confined to a podcast show alone but something unique and a brand that can be used for any creative work - writing, thinking, blogging, etc.

In my quest for this title, I put myself in the focus mode with a playlist on Spotify, aptly doing the job! Along this came the song "Dreamscapes" by Agnes -

I fell in love with the word - Dreamscapes. I had a vague idea about - what a dreamscape was. Nonetheless, I wanted to understand a few more details about it. ChatGPT has already taken technology and the internet world by storm, and how can I be left alone? I wanted to experience what the ChatGPT had in store for this word, and it gave me this -

A dreamscape is a term used to describe the world or environment that exists within a person's dream. It is a place where the dreamer can experience a wide range of events, emotions, and scenarios, often in a highly surreal or fantastical manner. Dreamscapes can be highly imaginative and they can be influenced by a person's subconscious thoughts and desires. Many people find that their dreamscapes are an important source of creativity and self-exploration.

Source: https://chat.openai.com/chat

I adored the explanation by ChatGPT - it had a nice human touch! Try searching "What is dreamscape" on a usual search engine, and you will know what I mean by the "human touch."

The dreamscape may contain familiar places or objects associated with the dreamer. The unusual events within the dream sequence make it unique and creative.

Enlightened, I formed my version -

The dreamscape is a creative canvas where unusual things paint the imagination!

Unusual means something that is not typical or common. It can refer to something strange or out of the ordinary. Extraordinary things are often unexpected and can be exciting or attention-grabbing because they differ from the usual norm!

The emotion around experiencing the unusual is excitement and curiosity.

The programmer in me wanted to do something with "un" in the unusual. Coming up with !usual - it was not difficult at all 😇. Under the !usual brand, you will find me publishing articles, blog posts, etc., about various programming topics in the coming days.

Presenting "!USUAL".

If this sounds interesting, reach out to @vivekgalatage on Twitter!

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